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Mallorca is the largest of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands. The language most commonly used is Spanish, followed by Catalan, and English and German. There is a large influence of foreigners, including English and German natives who have immigrated to the island. Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands create one of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.

Mallorca Lighthouse on Cliffs

General Information:

Capital: Palma de Mallorca
Population:  Approx. 876.000
Size: 3.640 km²
Climate: Average temperature: 17 degrees
Location: In the Mediterranean Sea, ca. 320 km from the east coast of Spain

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Excursions on Mallorca

There are many great places to see whilst living on Mallorca, and with great ferry services you are able to take weekend or day trips to the nearby Islands, like Ibiza and Menorca. As well as taking day trips within Mallorca itself. They are great places to visit to gain a more cultural experience of the island, below are listed just a few ideas:


A village in the mountains, picture perfect and centered on an old church which has stunning views of olive groves and the sea. It’s a hotspot for celebrities to escape the hustle and bustle of their lives. So don’t be surprised if you recognize a few people in the streets. In the winter it is a great place for hikers. In the summer they are still great routes to take, as they are all signposted and marked. Several are easy to get to and reached by bus. For more information the official Deia website with bus timetables, history and other interesting facts:

Train Trip to Sóller:

From Palma, you can take the narrow gauge railway to Sóller. The authentic wooden carriages take you through the Tramuntana mountain range and down into the citrus valley where the town of Sóller is situated. Here the train stops for you to spend the day, have lunch, and do things as you wish or choose to carry on by tram down to the port where you can explore this pretty resort set in a horseshoe bay or simply relax on the beach. It´s worth taking a trip on a Saturday, because in the morning there is a street market which sells local produce and handicrafts, for those of you wanting a more cultural experience in your time off. 


This is a village that is set in the Tramuntana mountain range, Valldemossa is the highest village in Mallorca. It is tougher to get there in the winter due to the snow, and in the autumn and spring months it is not as warm, due to strong winds, so be sure to be prepared before you go. This being said, it is full of cobbled streets, stone houses and amazing views. Along the narrow streets, there are plenty of shops and eateries to explore, and it is definitely worth a trip.

Cabrera Island:

A trip to Cabrera Island should be on the “to – do” list. There is a boat that leaves from Colonia San Jordi throughout the day, although getting the boat early is recommended to make the most of your day on the Island. There is much to see, in terms of the cliffs, seabirds and the lighthouse. There are also some great restaurants offering Spanish cuisine, namely paella.

There are many amazing things to do on Mallorca, as well as just to sit on the countless beaches and enjoy the sun.

Internship Mallorca, Location_Cathedrale of Palma

Palma Cathedral:

This cathedral is situated in the heart of Palma and is gothic in style and architecture. It is the city’s major architectural landmark. Really beautiful and huge from the outside and has stunning interior features. We highly recommend to see this cathedral while your internship on Mallorca.

Internship Mallorca_Location_Markets


There are many markets in Mallorca, a lot of them offer hand crafted items and local produce, making it perfect for finding gifts for family and friends. Most of the markets are open on Saturday mornings, with most of the crowds gathering at 10:30am, we suggest that you get there before 10:00am, especially in the holiday months to miss the crowds and get the best bargains. The biggest markets, due to tourists, are Alcúdia, Inca and Puerto Pollensa Market. For more information about markets and which ones are close to you: 

Internship Mallorca_Location_Sport


There are many different activities to get involved with on the island, from deep-sea diving, wind surfing, and jet-skiing, most of the recreational sport offered on the island is water based, due to the fabulous sea facilities that you can make the most of in your spare time.


There are a number of firms that specialize in diving courses. There are also opportunities to take a guided tour which would give you the opportunity to experience diving. Have a look online or find brochures which can tell you more about diving where you are.


Mallorca is home to many great golf courses. Due to the steady temperature golf can be enjoyed all year round on the courses available. Most of the courses provide the facilities and equipment, but check on their websites or flyers before going.


There are many great ways to see Mallorca, and cycling is one of them, whether you are a novice or a pro, there are many great sights to see and all are relatively accessible by bike. It is one of the best ways to explore the island, as everything is well marked and signposted. Look online for the nearest bike hire shop close where you are.

Internship Mallorca_Cuevas del Drach

Cuevas Del Drach (Dragon Caves):

These caves are a ´must see´. It is home to one of the largest underground lakes in the world. The caves have been created with minerals immersed underwater for thousands of years; and now there are paths running through them, where water used to run.

They are situated near the Porto Cristo Harbour and fishing boats. For more information visit:

El Arenal:

El Arenal is a short walk from Playa de Palma, and is the main area where the young people mainly go in the day and evening. It is a nice beach in the day, with many restaurants in the surrounding streets, and at night time, this is where the youth come to party and go to the bars, restaurants and clubs and of course it is famous for its tourist party area.


There are many bank holidays (Fiestas) on Mallorca. Each represents a different patron Saint, or religious holiday, but mainly for the Spanish, it is an excuse to party. Below is a list of the main fiesta days, but be sure to check where you are for specific days for Mallorca and your specific region.

1st January, New Year

6th January, Feast of Epiphany (Reyes magos)

1st March, Day of the Balearic Islands

19th March, San José

1st May, May Day

24th June, San Juan

29th June, San Pedro and San Pablo

25th July, St. Jaime

15th August, Ascension Day

12th October, National holiday (Dia de la Hispanidad)

1st November, All Saints’ Day

6th December, Day of the Constitution

8th December, The “Inmaculada”

25th December, Christmas Day

Ways of getting around the Island:

There is a bus system on the Island, so getting between towns and places is easier.

There are many options for hiring a car, although the different companies may have different policies abut age and insurance, so be sure to check out these before hiring one.

Ferry to the Spanish mainland:
There are many ferry companies which offer transport from Mallorca to Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia

There are many boat trips that can take you from One Island to the next so it´s really accessible to island hop if you wanted for weekends.

Mini Train:
There is a mini train on the island although it is only open throughout the summer season and part of October.

People can hire bikes and use the bike trails on the island to travel and see different places.

Coach tours:
There are several companies which provide tours of the whole island.

Mallorca Nightlife



There are an array of many different restaurants on Mallorca, ranging from culturally traditional Spanish restaurants, to general eateries and fast food chains. The prices in each can range a lot, just depends on what you are looking for, but nevertheless there is enough choice for everyone.


Along with many restaurant options, there are always several bar options too, including Irish pubs, taverns, and generic bars, situated across Mallorca, by the coast and in the major towns.


There are a few Clubs in Mallorca, and most of them are normally busier in the summer time due to the different music festivals that take place on the island. The main clubs can be found in Palma de Mallorca with many European clubs like Pacha and Tito´s having clubs on the promenade (Paseo Maritimo), there are also more Spanish discotheques around the whole of the island, to name some:

Puerto Alcudia:


  • BCM Planet Dance, Av S’Olivera, s/n
  • Barracuda Night Club, carretera de es port 118, local 7
  • Boomerang Night Club, Carrer de Còrdova

Palma de Mallorca:

  • Tito‘s, Avenida Gabriel Roca, 31
  • Pacha, Avenida Gabriel Roca 42 P
  • El Divinio, Paseo Maritimo s/n
  • Sunset Club
  • Luna Night Club, Plaça Vapor Nº20