Internship Marbella – Sun, sand and Andalusian flair

Marbella is located in the south of Spain at the Costa del Sol (“Sun Coast”) and it annually attracts a multitude of tourists. The city is directly situated by the Mediterranean Sea and has about 140.000 inhabitants. It offers countless beaches, many attractions and it provides an insight into the life of “The Rich and the Famous”. The atmosphere in Marbella is indescribable, we recommend everyone to experience it yourself.

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General Information:

The coastline of the Costa del Sol stretches a total of 161 kilometers. The mild, Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 28 ° C in summer, and a varied coastline with beaches and small bays makes this beautiful region what it is. With over 300 sunny days per year and a water temperature between 18 °C in spring and 24 °C in summer, Marbella attracts a lot of tourists in this region. During the long summer days, the intensive beach life often goes well into the evening or even into the night. Everyone knows that the city of Marbella is not only lively while daytime; its nightlife is abundant as well.

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Internship Marbella – Excursions

Paid internship in Marbella_Location_SightsOld town

Marbella’s old town is a “must see”, it offers a unique impression in the Andalusian way of life. The town hall is situated on the Plaza de Los Naranjos. Also you will find in the old city lots of tapas bars, restaurants and museums.

The Golden Mile

The “Golden Mile” adjoins the main road Ricardo Soriano and stretches till ´Puerto Banús. This is the so-called luxury area of Marbella. In the mid 50s the Marbella Club Hotel was opened by the Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, so the Mile received its image. Marbella has developed into an exclusive summer residence for the European aristocracy and famous families, who built their mansions in this zone. Today the most luxurious hotels, many restaurants and shops are located along the Golden Mile.

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Playa El Faro

We recommend you this sandy beach thoughout your internship Marbella, because it is in the city close to the marina. The beach has a length of 200 meters and 30 meters wide and has enough space for sunbathing. In this area diving is recommended.

Playa de los Monteros

This beach offers flat water, luxury loungers for hire and an exclusive beach bar, as well as very good restaurants.

Playa del Ancón

A sandy beach, which is often a quiet place. Playa del Ancon is located in the west of Marbella at the Puente Romano Hotel.

Marketing internship Marbella_Location_HarbourPorts

Marbella has four ports, the Puerto Banús is the most famous and largest one which we highly recommend to visit during your internship Marbella.

It is considered as the most popular marina in Spain and is one of the main attractions of Marbella, where you can admire a daily variety of the biggest and most beautiful yachts. The other ports are the Cabopino Marina, La Bajadilla and Virgen Del Carmen.

Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnación

This church is one of the most important ones in Spain, and was built in the 18th Century. Its style is attributed to the Rococo and Baroque periods; especially a view of the interior of the Church is worth it, containing an impressive organ and many figures.

Arab wall

The Arab wall was built in the time of the Moorish occupation. It was built in 1100 AD. The Moors invaded in the 8th Century in Spain and also conquered Marbella.

Spanish Cuisine

Marbella is also very popular for the local cuisine. Many tourists want to try Spanish delicacies and region-specific food and drink.
Typical dishes are: Boquerones en Vinagre (pickled anchovies) and Ensalada Malagueña (salad with codfish, oranges and potatoes) as well as many other dishes with fish or other seafood.

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Every year many professional athletes and sports teams travel from all over Europe to Costa del Sol. The extensive range of excellent sporting facilities and the always mild, Mediterranean climate provide ideal conditions to train. In addition, more and more tourists take the opportunity to practice their favorite sport under the sun during the traditional beach holiday.


Costa del Sol deserves its nickname Costa del Golf, because it is one of the most recognized golf regions worldwide. Therefore, the range offers over 50 clubs with varying degrees of difficulty.


Moreover, you can surf in all regions of the Costa del Sol. However, in the western part the winds are strongest, due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. In the eastern part the wind is blowing gently, so it will be easier for beginners here to learn surfing.


Also Diving fans will love Costa del Sol´s, beautiful bays and impressive rock cliffs waiting to be explored, especially preceded by the crystal clear water.


Previously, tennis courts were only existing in the exclusive hotels, nowadays you can find them anywhere on Costa del Sol. Some of the ATP tournaments games are held here in Marbella.

Parks to visit

Spain Marbella Internship_LocationCrocodilepark (Cocodrilo Park) Torremolinos

The name says it all, in the Crocodile Park, you can watch the fascinating creatures. There are guided tours with demonstrations and feedings. Whoever wants to hold a small crocodile in his hands, gets here the opportunity.
Address: Calle Cuba 14 in Torremolinos (about 40 km from Marbella)

Boulevard Avenida del Mar

Located centrally in Marbella, close to the beach, you will find the Boulevard Avenida del Mar. Here you can have a nice walk and admire the sculptures of Salvador Dalí. Events take place regularly in the evenings.

Alameda Park

The Alameda Park is a harmonious park in the center of Marbella with a fountain and surrounded by a wonderful diverse flora. Here you can relax very well and enjoy the plants while walking.
Address: Avenida de Ramón y Cajal

Aquapark Bahia

This water park is located in Algeciras, about 45 minutes from Marbella. You can plan a day trip throughout your hotel internship Marbella to spend a hot summer day at the water park. Boredom will certainly not arise, because there are plenty of swimming pools (with wave machines etc.) and slides (such as “Gran Niagara” or “Kamikaze”). If you arrive after 3:30 pm, you get a discount on the ticket price.


Internship Marbella – Nightlife

You must experience Marbella to observe how much nightlife can be held in one place. A night in Marbella is certainly one of the events, which you will remember for a long time. In the discos of the luxury hotels you could meet a celebrity.