Internship Greece on Kos – enchanting beaches and a trail of history

Kos is one of the Dodecanese Islands, which is situated in the East of the Greek islands, off the coast of Turkey. It has kept its historical charm, even though the northern part of the island being transformed by holiday makers.

Internship Greece offers you great views

General Information:

Capital: Cos Town
Population: approx. 33,000
Size: 287.2 km²
Location: The Island is in the south east corner of the Greek islands. Off of the coast of Turkey.

The island of Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of the modern medicine.

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Internship Greece on Kos – Excursions


Is a small island just off of Kos, and ferries make the trip daily from Kardamena to Mandraki. Mandraki is the islands capital, and the main port of the island. There is a small museum to see and great walks to take. There are also buses which take tours up to the volcano. If you are daring enough you can walk down into the crater and see the mud pools, with a strong scent of sulphur.


This is another small island to the south of Kos, below Nisyros. There is a small village called Mikro Chorio, which is now uninhabited, and has been for the last 50 years. The church in the village is still well kept, but the rest is dilapidated and in ruins. The view is spectacular looking out to the sea and other islands.

Sports activities:

Cycling day tours

Here are many places on Kos where you can hire bikes from, and take a tour of the area you are in or of the island throughout your hotel internship Kos. Some companies also offer guided tours by bike of specific areas – particularly in Kos Town and the surrounding terrain. They offer the option to rent the bikes for full or half days for the avid ´biker´ there are plenty of options available and for the more relaxed cyclist too. Many places will let you rent the bike for 1 or 3 days, just ask at the desk or check online as prices and times may vary slightly.

Internship on Kos - Internship GreeceMuseums

On Kos are not so many museums; however the island is rich in history, with the 1st few traces of human life dating back to the prehistoric times, being found on the Greek Islands. We have here an archaeological museum, a folklore museum and a Hippocrates Cultural centre. All of which can be found in and around Kos Town.

Nerantzia Castle/ Castle of the Knights

The castle was created from local stone and with the remains of previous constructions. There is a stone bridge crossing into the castle ground, as the castle used to be on a separate island. Nowadays, it is called “Phoinikon”. Throughout the grounds and castle interiors there are remnants of what its main purpose was – a defense for Kos, with battlements and gun ports kept in condition.

Church of Agia Paraskevi

This church is the main feature in the central square of Kos town. It has huge blue and beige painted walls and is intricately decorated inside. The courtyard which is set in is partly covered in mosaics.


Is a historical and archaeological site, it is situated just outside of Kos Town. It is the place where the Hippocratic philosophy of medicine was practiced. The Hippocratic philosophy is the foundation of western medicine.


Cos TKos-Location_internship in greeceown beaches

There are many beaches just south of the port, with ample space to swim and sunbathe.

Towards to the north part of Kos Town, the beaches can get crowded in the peak of summer, with many bars, restaurants and souvenirs shops plastered along the promenade. With crystal clear water and a great sandy beach, you can understand why.

Tigaki Beach

Is a sandy beach that spans 10 km, situated west of Kos Town. This is now a tourist area with built up hotels. It is one of the most popular beaches to visit.

Marmari Beach

This beach is great for sunbathing, the shallow waters are home to a natural habitat, but beyond that people are able to swim. The sandy beach has many sun beds and parasols as permanent features but there is more than enough space for you to lay your towel and sunbathe too.

Internship Greece on Kos – Ways of getting around the island


Here is a good system of buses on Kos, connecting Kos Town and from the airport to many of the major resorts.

Car hire

Here are many car hiring companies available. Many of them are situated at the airport, while others can be found in the larger towns on the Island. Make sure that you check the requirements in terms of age, insurance and license.

Bike hire

There are many great places where you can hire bikes from, some places offer the option for ½ day hire, 1 day hire or 3 day hire. To find more information, search online the store closest to you.


In terms of getting to the other islands there are plenty of ferries that run services to the islands and Mainland. Check online for further details of times and prices here:

Internship Greece on Kos – Nightlife

Greece internship_Kos-Location_NightlifeBars

There are several bars (tavernas) situated in all cities and especially in the well known tourist areas too, by the beach mainly or at least with a sea view and invite to a cozy cocktail.


There are a handful of clubs on Kos. Is a relatively small island, yet attracts many students in the spring and summer for events and festivals. Here are the 3 main clubs on the island:

  • Downtown: Kardamena
  • Starlight Club: Kardamena
  • Camel Bar: Dhodhekanisos