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Hospitality Internships on Gran Canaria – The island of the eternal spring

Maspalomas’s neverending beach, Playa de Inglés’s golden sand and San Agustín’s and Amadores’s beautiful beaches – more than 60 km of beach is waiting for our interns on Gran Canaria.


Also the nightlife is well worth seeing, especially in the capital of the island Las Palmas and the tourist resorts Playa del Inglès and Maspalomas. Here, it’s always time to party, but also in other cities there is hustle and bustle, especially during the mud bath in Santa Brígida, at the music or film festivals and of course at the carnival which is comparable to Rio de Janeiro. So you have many things to do and to explore during your hospitality internships on Gran Canaria.

General Information:

Capital: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Population: approx. 830.000
Size: approx. 1.560 km²
Climate: During winter mild and springlike, in summer refreshing breeze coming from the Atantic
Location: The circular island forms the centre of the Canary Islands together with Tenerife, situated in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Hospitality internships – Excursions on Gran Canaria

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Puerto Mogán

The former fishing village in the western part of the island has preserved its old town with small picturesque alleys. Here are romantic bridges above canals as well as cafés and restaurants which invite you to stay. In the alleys archways between opposite houses are overgrown with hibiscus and bougainvillea.
The UNESCO has already awarded the microclimate of the Municipios Mogán as one of the healthiest worldwide. Reasons therefor are e.g. the clean environment and the wind-sheltered location. Well known among high sea fishing fans around the world are also the waters near Mogan.
In July the Fiesta del Carmen takes place here, at which ceremony a mary statue is driven along the coast in a procession of festive decorated boats.

Alike other fishing and coastal towns, in Puerto de Mogán freshly caught fish is sold and served as speciality. We recommend the following restaurants to you:

La Caracola

at the seafront
Tel. 928 56 54 86
Daily from 7.00 pm
Closed from June to August
A small top restaurant – highly recommended!

La Bodeguilla Juananá

at the seafront
Tel. 928 56 50 44
Daily 12.00 am to 3.30 pm (closed on Monday)
During summer opened only from 7.00 pm
Best Canarian cuisine!

Gran canaria_location internshipThe Dunes of Maspalomas

The Dunes of Maspalomas, situated in the south of Gran Canaria and in direct neighborhood of Playa del Inglés, offers a big natural spectacle on an area of more than 4 km2. During sunset the sands piles up meters high to sandy dunes, how you would rather expect in a real desert. However the sand does mainly consist of washed and crushed coral and seashell lime, and not of usual rock fragements – so sand blown away from the Sahara is not the ultimate origin. When walking in the dunes please mind that parts of them are protected areas. But if you behave appropiately, there is no reason against a sunbath in the dunes – often in front of self-built rock castles which protect from hot desert winds.

Gran canaria locationLas Canteras

The „Playa de las Canteras“ is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is situated near the capital Las Palmas which you should explore while your hospitality internship on Gran Canaria. The 3 km long bay with its golden sand is surrounded by a rocky reef, so that you easily believe being in a lagoon. Here you can do all imaginable water sports. Among surfers the beach of Las Canteras is very popular – that’s why you can meet them here very often. The seafront equals a boulevard which is lined with cafés, restaurants, and small shops.

Location Gran Canaria_InternshipPalmitos Park

One of the best known attractions on Gran Canaria is the Palmitos Park. The park is located in the Barranco de Palmito, approx. 10 km north of Maspalomas. The main focus here is on the various birds species e.g. parrots, birds of prey etc. But also cacti and orchis can be found. Likewise located in the Palmitos Park: Europe’s biggest butterfly facility. The park is open throughout the year daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Last admission at 05.00 pm. Further information is provided on the website of the park.

Shopping Tour in Las Palmas during your hospitality internships

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria there is something for everybody’s taste: No matter if the weekly family purchase, fresh fish or an extensive shopping spree with friends – everybody will find here what he or she is looking for!

Gran canaria location_shoppingThe various offers in Las Palmas range from small shops to big shopping centers or promenades. The low VAT of only 5 % is additionally used to keep the price level stable. Hence each visitor can buy at cheap prices all the time. The opening hours are relatively visitor-friendly. Bigger shopping centers are opened from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm, additionally on some Sundays. Smaller shops are often opened less and close during the Siesta (approx. 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm). But this should not be a hurdle for shopping fans – in contrast, you will find quickly what you are looking for because of the wide range of shops.

Let’s begin with womens’ favourite shopping objects – jewellery, clothes and shoes:

Many even nationwide enterprises can be found in the pedestrian zones “Calle Mayor de Triana“ and in the shopping mile “Mesa y Lopez”. The pedestrian zone “Calle Mayor de Triana“ is often described as multi-cultural but with tradition. International clothing, shoe, jewelry, and cosmetic businesses have settled down here in early years. Long time the zone was seen as Las Palmas’ mainstream. Nowadays the zone “Calle Mayor de Triana” is still one of the most lively and interestesting streets in Las Palmas – a pedestrian zone which you shouldn’t miss.

The shopping mile “Mesa y Lopez” is just 500 metres from the beach and offers in particular clothes and accessoires, all that in one shop after the other. It has already been very fatal for some purses! International brands like Chanel, Benetton and Guess are located here. But also national brands like Zara, Mango and Lurueña were able to establish as well as many shoe shops. Around the midpoint of Calle Mesa y Lopez various cafés and restaurants, which offer Spanish and international cuisine, offer the possibility to relax from the stress of shopping. Further Shopping miles you can find in the old city quarter Vegueta and in the newer ones Santa Catalina and Las Canteras.

We recommend a walk along the beachfront of Las Canteras that offers gorgeous ambience beneath palm trees next to souvenir shops, little bazaars, small cafés and restaurants with sea view. The docklands of “La Isleta”, where especially Chinese tradespeople dominate, and where you can get everything some cents less expensive, is worth being visited and inspected by well-trained womens’ eyes. Here is the shopping street “Calle Rejon” where Chinese, Marrocan, Japanese, Russian, and Taiwanese shops are stringed together.

We hope you can find the best shopping mall during your hospitality internships on Gran Canaria.

Hospitality Internships on Gran Canaria – Nightlife

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Gran Canaria is well-known for its variety of ways to party. Maspalomas, Puerto Rico and Playa del Inglés are the best place to enjoy the nightlife. No matter whether you like electronic beats, salsa, jazz or pop and rock hits – for every taste a suitable place can be found. Also the open air concerts on the beaches invite to happy party nights.


  • Aqua Ocean Club, Centro Comercial Meloneras Playa
  • Mantrix Club, Yumbo Center (famous homosexual scene):
  • Ice Bahia, C. Meloneras, Calle Mar Blanco
  • Yumbo Center (Eiffel Bar, Mystique Bar,…)

Puerto Rico:

  • Piccadilly Music Pub, C.C. Puerto Rico

Las Palmas:

  • Mojo Club, Plaza de la Música
  • Fortuni Las Palmas, de, Calle los Martínez de Escobar 1
  • Bravia, León y Castillo 389