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Your advantages – Internship in Spain, Malta, on the Greek Islands or in Costa Rica

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Which benefits has an internship abroad?

Internship in Spain, internship vacancies on the Canary Islands with the Spanish Work Exchange Programme
Spanish Work Exchange Programme offers internship in Spain
  • Don’t spend your time in extensive search looking for your internship in Spain, Canary Islands, on Malta, on the Greek Islands or in Costa Rica. Benefit from our long-term relations with local hotels. We know the decision makers personally, such as; hotel managers or human resources managers.

  • You do not need to send us an application letter, certificates etc.; we just need your CV with a photo.

  • s-w-e-p provides assistance in preparing your CV.

  • During a Skype interview, we get to know your individual wishes and expectations.

  • You will receive detailed information concerning your internship tasks. The Spanish Work Exchange Programme keeps close contact with all the partner hotels and training departments.

  • As we know, the hotels requirements concerning the ideal candidate, as well as your linguistic skills and professional competence, we are in a position to filter out the ideal hotel work placement for you.

  • We guarantee free board and accommodation throughout the entire internship in Spain from the day of your arrival till the day of your departure and our partner hotels pay pocket money of at least of € 150 per month.

  • You decide on the standard of hotel. Interns may prefer 3 star hotels instead of 4 or 5 star hotels, as less strict behaviour is required.

  • If requested, we organise intensive Spanish courses as a preparation for your work placement, in Spain or on the Canary Islands or in Costa Rica. We also offer intensive English courses on Malta.

  • s-w-e-p provides a contact person. In emergencies Spanish, German and English speaking staff are available 24 hours for you.

  • If required, we will get in contact with the hotel management and try to solve any problems.

  • We know the mentality of the locals and regional distinctions. The Spanish Work Exchange Programme is based on Tenerife.

  • In case of hardship or unpredictable circumstances a hotel change may be necessary for an intern. This case would be an absolute exception, however, s-w-e-p will try to do everything to arrange a hotel change for the intern.

  • We make sure, that each intern gets a letter of recommendation after the successful completion of their internship.

  • As soon as you get our registration form, just sit back, relax and look forward to your internship in Spain, Malta, Greece or Costa Rica.