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Your Erasmus internship on Fuerteventura? – The island with beautiful, endless beaches

Fuerteventura is the oldest of the Canary Islands. Of volcanic origin, its azure ocean and gorgeous, endless sandy beaches are most impressive. The inland landscape also leaves a lasting impression.

Internship Fuerteventura offers you the view on amazing sunsets every night

The tourist destinations are Jandía in the south, Costa Calma and Corralejo in the north. During your Erasmus internship on Fuerteventura you have many options: On the one hand you can lay on the beaches with lots of other tourists and enjoy the sunshine, on the other hand you can easily find a lonely beach to set your mind free of stress. Whether in the high sandy dunes of Corralejo in north of Fuerteventura or on a southern beach stretching for miles and miles, everybody can find their own paradise.

General Information:

Capital: Puerto del Rosario
Population: approx. 100.000
Size: approx. 1.700 km2, second largest Canary Island
Climate: Mild, in midsummer approx. 28 degrees, during winter approx. 24 degrees, only a few rainy days a year
Location: Located to the east within the Canary Islands, south of Lanzarote, situated 120 km west of the Moroccan coast, in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Excursions on Fuerteventura

You would like to do your Erasmus internship on Fuerteventura?
We have compiled an extensive list of minor and major attractions for you.

Fuerteventura-Location_inetrnshipCities and other locations:

Many different cities and locations can be visited on Fuerteventura.

Worth being seen are Corralejo (nightlife, shopping, bars, and restaurants), El Cotillo (a small castle and a nice town), Costa Calma (long golden sandy beaches, African Market), Jandia (shopping, bars and restaurants, small zoo, salt meadow, and very beautiful golden sandy beaches) and the picturesque fishing village Morro Jable (African Market) right next to Jandia (lots of natives, restaurants and bars, beachfront with nice athmosphere).

More cities we recommend to visit are:
La Olivia
Puerto del Rosario

Restaurants & bars:


Fuerteventura_internship_ s-w-e-p

As leisure time activities especially water sports like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jetskiing or kayaking as well as catamaran sailing, snorkeling or diving, can be recommended. But of course, you can also take a sunbath or do windskating on the beach.

In order to explore the island, it is worth to take part in individual or group guided tours by mountainbike or quad bike. A special fascination are the various widespread villages, superb mountains and tranquil landscapes. The most typical attractions on Fuerteventura are the endless white beaches, which are doubtless the most beautiful ones of the Canary Islands and a paradise for walkers.

No matter what you are interested in, the dunes of Corralejo, sports activities near or on the water, or the Oasis Park near Costa Calma – on Fuerteventura offers something for everyone!

Sports activities:

Quad bike tours

Internship Fuerteventura-Location_Villa Winter Jandia

The Villa Winter

The Villa Winter is located near Cofete at Fuerteventura’s westcoast in Jandia. It got its name from the German engineer Gustav Winter. In the early years, mysterious stories have been told about an alleged German submarine base and a subterranean tunnel system with connection to the sea.

Also dubious stories about temporarily installed accomodations of Nazi leaders and their transport to South America during World War II have been spread. Although reporters who have been busy with this topic for years, they did not found any evidence to disprove.

The house was built in 1946 and consists of two floors, a tower and partly closed cellar rooms. Some tourist guides talk about the Villa winter as a “Holiday residence of a German general”. If you like to discover more about the stories and the Villa Winter, it’s worth a visit! The Villa Winter can be visited all day.

Internship on Fuerteventura_LocationsLa Atalayita

Worth seeing is also the archaeological site “Settlement La Atalayita”. It is based on former times of Fuerteventura’s natives, called the Mahos, who had been a North African berber nation during the 15th century. The uniqueness of partly reconstructed buildings in this settlement makes her one of the most important archaeological sites of the island.

You can visit the settlemet each day, the information center is accessible only during the openening hours. Here you get valuable information about the settlement and a description of the tour. The settlement La Atalayita is situated in the eastern part of Fuerteventura and is only 3 km away from the settlement Pozo Negro.

Opening hours Tuesday to Friday and on Sundays from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Admission free!

Fuerteventura_internship _oasis parkOasis Park

The Oasis Park near Costa Calma is a popular tourist attraction, which appeals with a zoo, animal shows, a botanic garden, and camel safari. The zoo hosts more than 250 animal species.

Special attractions are the animal shows. When visiting the parrots show you can admire the artistic capabilities of them, as well as the aerial acrobatics of the birds of prey. If you want to get closer, you can pet some animals in the reptilian and sea lion show. The Oasis Park offers a wonderful view on Fuerteventura.

If you like nature, fauna and flora, you should definitely visit the Oasis Park!

Further information you can find here: www.fuerteventuraoasispark.com/

Fuerteventura Internship_Baku Water ParkAcua Water Park

In the north of Fuerteventura, in Corralejo, the Acua Water Park is located. With lots of different water attractions, slides and wave pools, the park offers a fun factor to get your mind off of the work in the hotel.

Furthermore, around the water park there is a small zoo with sea lions, a pool of sharks and other animals, as well as the area “Parque de Europa” with carousels and a ghost castle called “Hotel de Terror”. If you like water parks, the Acua Water Park is a good alternative.

For further information have a look at: fuerteinfo.net

Nature and landscape

Barranco de la Madre del Agua – is a green canyon crossed by a creek

Isla de los Lobos – “Island of wolfs”, which is separated from Fuerteventura only by a strait

Malpais Grande – an untouched volcanic landscape

Playa de Cofete – very wild and rough landscape

Fuerteventura-Location_Restaurant, bars & nightlifeMore spare time activities during your Erasmus internship…

Fuerteventura offers lots of different festivals, among music festivals like the Rock and Blues festival, there are e.g. the International Kite Festival in November and apart from that many competitions up to the World Championship in Windsurfing. To get information about dates and locations, you should ask at site, read in local newspapers, and at the best just ask your colleagues in the hotel!

You like to visit a Museo?

Casa Museo Unamuno – illustrating photographs and documents from the Spanish writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno during his life in exile

Casa Santa Maria – mansion built during 16th century

Museo de Betancuria – located in the Calle Roberto Roldán; the entrance is easy to find, because of two cannons

Museo del Grano – residence of a former tax collector

Casa de los Coroneles – historically and architecturally most valuable building on Fuerteventura

Casa Mané – Canarian art is shown in the Casa Mané, a magnificent mansion with moorish accents

Erasmus Internship – Fuerteventura Nightlife

Fuerteventura info_ NightlifeSpain’s nightlife starts later than somewhere else – but therefore people celebrate and dance into the small hours! Party and dance addicts can have a blast on Fuerteventura, especially in Jandía and Corralejo, but also in other cities.

A very popular attraction in Jandía are the upper floors of the Centro Comercial “Cosmo” with various music bars like the Noche Tropical. Other discotheques e.g. the Mafasca and the Disco-Pub-Tequila (Centro Comercial Atlantica) invite for having a good party. Our interns know where having a good time during their Erasmus internship.

Puerto del Rosario:

  • DN7 Disco, Calle Teniente Durán
  • Calle 54, Calle Secundino Alonso nº11

Costa Calma:

  • Coco Beach Club Costa Calma
  • DVN Danceclub Costa Calma
  • Los Piratas de Costa Calma


  • Waikiki Beach, Calle Arístides Hernández Morán 11
  • Kiwi Cocktail & Disco Bar, C.C. Atlantico
  • Flicks, Calle General Franco 48


  • Tortuga Fuerteventura, Calle Estrella de Mar 2
  • Fuerteventura Kuhstall, C.C. Cosmo