A few weeks ago some Spanish friends told us about the “Paisaje de Lunar” on Tenerife. The translated “moon landscape” is a place near Teide were you can hike to and admire the spectacular views of the terrain which seems to be like the moon. With hikes taking you from Vilaflor to Granadilla and other places, there is ample opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscape around Teide, the volcano on Tenerife, and on a clear day see Gran Canaria and La Gomera along the route.  A walk around Los Escurriales is great for a short walk as you see Paisaje Lunar, as well as the Tajinastes in bloom (during the spring months) which are local to Tenerife.

We, the s-w-e-p interns, decided to go there for a hike last weekend with our Spanish friends, which we were happy to have with us because the starting points for the hike are quite hard to find. We took a (more or less) short hike around Los Escurriales to see Paisaje Lunar and went along another route back to the car. Our trip included a nice picnic with self-prepared bocadillos and fruits, some stops for taking photos of the landscape and friends, stops to look at the lizards which you can see everywhere around Teide and it took us 4 hours of walking. You have a great variety of different ´Senderos´ around the base of Teide and neighbouring areas. You can choose if you want to spend a whole day or only a few hours – whatever you like the best!

Thanks to the sunny weather we had the chance to see unique views of Gran Canaria and La Gomera and had a lot of fun while we were walking through the forest and enjoying the air, which is amazingly fresh being up so high. Afterwards we went to café and had an ice-cold coca cola to relax before we went on our way back home. Of course we joined the beach for the afternoon to spend the rest of the Saturday in a more relaxing atmosphere and to recover from the trip :).

All in all it was a super weekend with a nice trip and spectacular views on the Tenerife landscape and if you feel like hiking this is a perfect place to go during your practical training Tenerife!

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