Practical training on Fuerteventura – Tin, one of our interns from University of Rijeka, completed his internship in the sports department and gave us a feedback about his time on Fuerteventura:

“After 6 months here I have to say I have had a good time, there was a lot of work with different people… some of it was good and some less good, but that’s life. There was enough time to travel around the island and even to visit Lanzarote. We all lived together in a little village. Some of us stayed in workers apartments; some had their own rented houses – so we were very close all the time. I met some awesome people that will stay forever in my memory, also some of them I’ll see soon and I’ll try to stay in touch. Working in the sports team gave me access to all sport facilities and that was fun. Swimming in the Olympic-sized pool everyday with top class tri-athletes, bike tours with pro’s, volleyball and football with guests and much more… Altogether it was an amazing time and I highly recommend to everyone who loves sport and don’t mind staying in the sun all day long :)”

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